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He ran his fingers through her hair and slid them down to her ass and gave it a pat that made her jerk in pain. “Now you’re the good girl,” he s...id to her.She laughed at that. She reached up to kiss him and he let her. A long kiss. When they were done, she wrapped her arms around his neck.“Upstairs,” she said, but he shook his head.“Not on the first date,” he said flatly.She looked confused as he pulled her arms off his neck. He pointed to the mess on the floor. “And you’ve got to clean up.”He. We thought we could teleport her back home without waking her up.We had several problems that we were working on at the same time. We had over twenty girls, ages ten to fourteen years old that were in various stages of acute distress due to their captivity. I didn't know what to do with them. Obviously we would return them to their families if they could be found, but they needed help immediately in preparation for that return to society. We just didn't have the facilities, resources, training,. ’ Astrid blushed softly, crossing the distance between their lips to kiss Aidan deeply, then giggled as she felt him pick her up and carry her to the king sized bed that they often shared in the evenings when neither had work. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Astrid smiled as Aidan gently laid her down on their bed, joining her there a moment later. Aidan slipped his hands beneath Astrid’s blue velvet skirt, smiling at her as he reached the line of her panties, and with a gentle tug, he. She arches her back at the full length filling her and grunts. Again! I pull out and then in one swift motion drive it home again.A rhythm quickly forms and soon I’m bumping against her ass and sending ripples through her. She shudders each time she’s filled and inhales deeply as I pull out. As I speed up she drops her head down and lets it hang there while she moans. Her thighs are starting to quiver, aching from holding this position for so long. I can tell she’s close. I reach a hand around.

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