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The door opened. Two women and four men came in. Vanessa was slim, about thirty, and very good looking in a pale blonde way. Maxine was over forty, ov...rweight, overblown and harsh looking. Two of the men were of the same sort, middle aged, overweight and leering at the girls. The third one was small, maybe thirty years old and almost boyish looking in his build, with curly red hair. The fourth man was tall, dapper and appeared to be around sixty. All six were wearing just bathrobes, which they. Ushr mujhe kuch question puch jo thode uncomfartable huya to ushe mujhe ek free hone ko bola and his word iz lyk magic for me me v man gya or saare question ka answer deta gya . Phir ushne mujhe apne dress change karke hospital wale kapde phene ko bola mere puchne p ushe kha kuch test karne h me v man gya ushe apne helper ho mujhe lejane ko bola me uske saath sath diya jab me uske saath ja rha tha wo mujhe ishe gur rha tha jaise kha jayega ushme s ek alag s smell aa rhi thi.Jaisr wo bahut dino. I was ecstatic. My pre-cum juices were flowing like a faucet, which made her toes slip easily over the shaft and cock head. Her feet drove me wild with passion. She could tell that her manipulation of my balls was sending me up the wall, so she concentrated on that. She grasped my balls with both feet, so that they were held firmly between the bottoms of the toes of one foot and the tops of the toes of the other. She then alternately squeezed and released my tender balls with her lovely toes,. At first, I thought she was going to lower herself onto my eager knob but no, she crept up my body until her pussy was right above my face. I looked up and took in the view; she had dark curly pubic hair that was trimmed into a tidy triangle. Her outer pussy lips were wide open, allowing her inner lips to protrude a little and her pink clitoris was just poking from its hood. Before I knew it, she was on my face, her pussy right over my mouth. Immediately my tongue set to work, darting in and.

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