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It makes me wonder what might have happened.She let me in ... I locked the door.I started grabbing at her, but she was flitting away, slowly undressin... as she did. She beat me into her bedroom, and I entered as she took off the last bit of clothing.“Michael honey,” she said trying to sound like a little girl, “Would you please fuck me? I heard that you can fuck me so I can’t walk for an hour or more. Do that to me, please?”I had just finished dropping my boxers showing my fully erect interest. I wanted to go over it with you. Are you sure you’re up for this?Yes, my wonderful boy, I’m up for it. In fact, I’m very interested in finding out what happened.Jake ran through the events for her.Jake, you left him in agony!Yes, agony is what I was trying for, though I think I would have been satisfied with anguish. I’d have been disappointed if I had only managed misery.Jake! You can’t leave him like that.I’m going to his office tomorrow after school and turn it off. But I won’t be taking. She swore to herself that she wouldn’t let anything happen; she swore that she wouldn’t be unfaithful to Neil but the thought of wearing underwear that Karl had bought for her excited her. She would be wearing a Basque for the first time, not for her husband, but for another man. What would she do if he asked to see her in it? She knew that she wouldn’t be able to fight him off if he wanted to press things further. Karl was a big, strong man. And what would be her defence when asked why she was. " Camorra shook his head, answering, "It is no great hardship, lad. Let us be quick about it." Benjamin led the way to his small boxroom where he slept. Quickly, they gathered together Benjamin's belongings into a small trunk. Camorra found himself sifting his clothes through his hands as he packed them, his acute nose picking up the scent of the young man like a wave of heat. As they packed the last of his effects and closed the lid of the trunk, a noise outside made them both look up..

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