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. :p anyways… four months have passed and we haven’t got that opportunity until that day. So finally its 27 oct 2013 when we got our opportunity. parents had to go out of station because of a family function but as our exams were on the brink she refused to go along with them. So finally they went and she was left alone at home.As we wanted to spend maximum time together and her parents had left early in the morning I made an excuse at home that there is some extra lecture in the college so. "Or are you too macho?" What? Uh, no, this is kind of awkward. I mean, yes, can you take a couple of these bags? I don't think they'll chafe or anything." Are you sure you're OK with me?" Nadia wanted to know. "I just thought, you know, we used to see each other a little bit. Because of Dan. But he and I are both over that."It was obvious Nadia was picking up some kind of negative vibes from me. Scratch it up to ignorance, but I thought I should explain myself."Uh, look Nadia, it's not Dan. I'm. She didn’t even bother to wipe. She placed a shower cap on her head to keep her hair dry and then took me into the shower. That was a lot of fun. I got to wash her body and she got to wash mine. Then I watched her dry off, apply her makeup, and comb her hair. She asked me to put on a suit and accompany her to the press conference. I did! I kept a close eye on her as she dressed too. She took a clean pair of panties out of her purse and put them on. Then a quick squirt of perfume on her pussy. Next one is this boutonnière.”She pinned a white flower with pale blue tips to my charcoal gray suit. It matched her gown.“Where are we going for dinner?”“You’ll see. Just be patient. In fact, be patient about everything tonight. Let me handle it all. I know that’s hard for boys to do.”I laughed and said, “OK.”Bethany and I hadn’t really spoken much in school after she invited me. We didn’t travel in the same circles. She had always been nice to me. She hadn’t been captured by the usual Milford.

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