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And that my prostate needed to be massaged by her fingers for sure (lol the best part)... She was ok (please remember this is India, BDSM is very very...uncommon here).. and I also realised that she was a very sweet & bubbly girl which instantly put me in a good mood :)So she removed her top for a start. which left her in a bra and jeans. She immediately was all over me, kissing.fondling.pulling my hair.biting my lips & cheeks & neck. She did that for about 2-3 min and that was enough to give me. Playing with both nipples for sometime abdul then put one hand on my chut & rubbing it with his middle finger said “memsaab mujhe to bus aapki taqlif nahi dekhi jati isliye mai aapki madat karne chahata tha. Bhale mare wajah se aapko baccha hua to kya hua.woh baccha aapko hi mubarak.mujhe to bus aapka yeh nanga jism chodne ke liye chahaye.memsaab aapka badan to garam hai aur yeh chuchiya badi mast hai.aur aap mujhe ajay saab ki jagah isliye lane doogi kyonki aapko mare is lund ki bahoot. So engrossed in her attempts, she didn’t notice when one of the milking men who had worked on the farm for years came into the barn and stumbled upon her. He walked up behind her without her ever knowledge and got a closer look at what she was up to, he found her trying to learn his trade, and after watching her fail for sometime, he startled her by saying that “he’d show her how its done”.He did, but after showing her a few times she still couldn’t do it so he boldy suggested to the young. She was quiet as a mouse because she didn’t want Tommy to know he was stretched out on top of the birthday party hostess.Her thin party dress and the white cotton panties did little to offset the thick, hard pressure from his quickly growing male equipment. It had happened so fast that she was caught off-guard and only grunted as he pressed his business deeper into her gaped buttocks like a lover knocking on the door of paradise.Thankfully, Tommy was more or less, non-talkative and all he did.

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