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"Can I get one of those too, John?" I heard Bailee's voice and looked up to see her standing naked in the doorway. I was scurrying to cover up when Jo...n said, "Of course you can. I will be right there Sweetie." This bed looks bigger," she said. "Is there room for all three of us Misty?"A bit surprised but definitely excited by this development I said, "Plenty of room, join us."John slid to the middle of the bed and patted the edge of the bed for Bailee. Bailee walked to the bed and said, "May I. Jen sat down on the floor with her back against the door, so that we wouldn't be interrupted, and Julie perched on the bed next to me. It was time to talk."Jen, did you have an orgasm with that bloke you said you fucked?" Who, Mr Grunt? No, Julie, every time I felt the sensation building up nicely, he would give another grunt, and I'd be so busy trying not to laugh out loud that I'd be starting from scratch again. So no, I didn't come until after he had gone back to his own room, and that. She raised the hem of her skirt to reveal a long ladder running down the inside of her leg from the edge of her panties to the knee.“No I’m sorry, I don’t often wear tights, I think it’s all a bit sweaty and unhygienic to have my crutch constricted so much. In fact I seldom wear panties for the same reason, I think it’s good to have air circulating down there. I do have some rather nice hold-ups you can have though”. To demonstrate her point Emma raised the hem of her skirt and let Caroline see. "Can I also help plan it?" I'll ask Mommy." He carried her into the family room and saw Kathy, Layla and Eric waiting for him. They had heard everything in the foyer, of course. All were smiling at the conversation."Mommy, can Granddaddy help plan the wedding?"Layla replied, "He's more than welcome to help."Steve's mouth flew open when he realized this might be for real. "Would someone tell me what's really happening?" Dad," Eric said. "Layla and I are going to be married, sometime next fall.

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