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I think you two would really hit it off.’ ‘Sure,’ I said. ‘What the hell. Maybe I’ll even get lucky.’ That Friday night I was sitting in a...private booth in the back of Tomaso’sawaiting my date. Soon after my arrival, a seemingly shy man pulled up to mytable in an electric wheelchair. Angelahadn’t mentioned that part. ‘ Paul ?’ I asked. ‘That’s me. You must be Iris .’His voice was surprisingly low, and he constantly flexed his jaw as he spoke. ‘It’s so good to meet you. No offense but. Not only did he find a place to sit down but it was next to Xenia, who was working on cleaning the rest of the artichoke leaves so she could get to the heart."Food has never tasted so fucking good," she told him, her face blissful, her long hair still a little damp from her shower. "It's even better than the shower." Where's Zen and Belinda?" he asked, cracking open one of his beers. He took a long, delicious drink of it, savoring the flavor, savoring the warm feeling it put in his empty. He was in a different table and did not saw me.I went forward and sat in his table he suddenly got shocked then i said hi and he also replied hello with a smile.I said"i am shiv " .and moved my hand forward for a shake.He replied"hi i am mohan" and shaked hand with me.I felt that he holded my hand tightly and it was not the sign of confidence as they say but this was something different.I decided not to waste time and i said "so you like that?" mohan replied "yes very much"me ."wanna have. “I hope you don’t mind, didn’t look like your friend was showing up. No need for a pretty girl to be sitting by herself.” Flashing a grin as I sat back and made myself comfortable. Her cheeks had become a soft red shade as she covered her mouth slightly as if trying to hide the smile that was peeking around the edges of her fingers.“What makes you think I was waiting for someone?”“It’s simple ... You’re here, alone at this table and watching the door as if a celebrity were going to walk through.

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