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Bleary eyed, she undressed and made her way to the bathroom. She entered the shower cubicle, turned on the water and started to wash herself.Leere was...amazed at the level of technology and hygiene in this new world. Things really had changed substantially since the last time he wandered the world. He wondered what year it was. But that was for another time.He turned his attention to the young woman in the shower. She really was attractive with her dark hair and slightly tanned soft skin. He. She pulled down her pants and lay on the bed, her left hand between her legs and her right hand pricking the skin of her belly with the pin. Never enough to draw blood, just enough to excite her and make her cum like she'd never cum before. All through college, she wrestled with the idea of getting a tattoo. A small one. A hidden one. The picture didn't matter. The location didn't matter either. What mattered was satisfying the overwhelming curiosity she had to feel that needle touching her. She grinned into the mirror, deciding to keep it simple.Tossing the towels into the hamper before she left the bathroom, she walked into the bedroom and opened the top drawer to her dresser. She reached over and grabbed the dildo, quickly shoving it to the back of her drawer. Might as well hide it from my nosy parents, she thought to herself. She smiled as she found the white lacy thong she had hoped was still in the drawer. Pulling it out, she danced over to her closet and snagged a favorite. “Whoa, facing me,” Jim growled.Susie turned around reached between her legs and seized Steve’s cock. She sat back with slurp as his cocked entered her. Her eyes were closed and mouth dangling open as she pushed back forcing him deep inside her. “Grab that dildo and use it on your pussy, you know you need something extra.”She grabbed the dildo and pushed it in her pussy. She started rising up and down on Steve’s cock and thrusting the dildo in unison. Both had their eyes closed in their own.

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