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......and he did!He became a regular partner and we all became very close over the coming months, I wasn't even jealous when I heard my wife say she l...ved him while being pounded by that thick cock.One evening when gilly was on a works party he came round and we went for a drink, when we got home it seemed natural for us two to get into bed together. We were looking at some of the pics we'd taken, stroking each other's pricks, he asked when I first got interested in the domination scene. I. She is so hot and sexy that anyone who see her get an instant hard on. And want to fuck her..Coming to the story… Guys story is bit long but interesting so read it fully…She as a habit of evening walk daily and she does her evening walk with her mother. Last month her mother had an accident with her activa. So she started walking alone in evening. I saw this and thought to try my luck. I also started walking. And we had smile passed. I saw her in her tight fit lower and tight fit t-shirt. I. Hercules tracked her by sent until he got close enough to see her, then he started to bark.Ruth changed directions, taking off to her right into a stand of brush.Hercules followed her. He lost sight of her and started tracking her scent again. The trail ended at a thick bush. Her scent was too strong for her to have just crawled through and kept running. Clearly she wasn’t used to running from something that could track her by scent.A trained tracking hound would have stopped and waited for. We were sitting on my sleeping mat, she with a notebook in her lap, me sitting against the wall teaching her grammar. Suddenly my curiosity got away from me."Adara, I want to see your hair, I think it must be very pretty like the rest of you."She blushed and kept her eyes down on her book. "That is forbidden, Neek; a woman must stay covered so as not to lead honorable men to impure thoughts." But I'm not a follower of Islam, so my soul is damned anyway," I replied.She pondered my reply for a.

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