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I wanted to runaway to my room, hide and never come out."Did you enjoy your drink bitch?" I nodded to humiliated to answer. I still tasted my piss, I ...anted to beg Princess Hanna to allow me to rinse my mouth out. After what she had just done? I was not going to ask for anything. In a little while I'll talk with Mom, she'll fix this! Princess Hanna is going to regret this!!!"Bitch. My feet are sweaty lick them." I just stared at her feet, so perfect each nail trimed and buffed. I watch every. The idea of subjugating oneself to another appealed to many, especially those with little or no chance of obtaining a worthwhile job, and thus there became an increasing demand for sexual slaves and slave training. This trend became increasingly overt and in the 2060s, when this final chapter is set, it is increasingly common to see naked, beauties flaunting their body mods as they are led around by their masters and mistresses. I have deliberately not attempted to tie up all loose ends,. "Well, just this time, but you better fuck the fucking shit out of me till it hurts to walk tomorrow." She pulled him on top of her, reached between her legs and felt her body filled with a pleasure she thought she had lost forever. Her legs wrapped tight around his sweat drenched body and she held him close."Oh fuck my dirty cunt with your big fucking fuck stick. Beat that thing into me and make me cry like your fucking bitch!" He rammed into her harder and longer than any man had ever fucked. ‘Hello David, I didn’t think we had a meeting today. You finished your probation a couple of weeks ago.’ She smiled as he jumped. ‘Yes, yes I did. This isn’t about that.’ ‘Come in and tell me what it is then.’ She said, opening her office door. Dave reluctantly followed her in. ‘Sit down.’ She indicated the chair. ‘I think I’d better stand.’ ‘What is it then?’ Victoria said, sitting at her desk and turning on her computer. ‘Errrr, can I ask you not to open your e-mails Miss Henderson?’ Dave.

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