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Fay rolled onto her back, pulled her bent legs up to either side of her chest with her hands. Her gash gaped open. It looked beautifully erotic. I kne...t up over her, bent forward, placed my arms in behind knees to support her pose, and slipped my long hard thick prick into her hot clutching cunt for the first time. Given we’d already had so much foreplay our fuck was furious and fast. Fay rocked her body under me. Her hot snatch sucked wetly at my cock each time I lifted out of her, grasped and. Kim’s treatment was working with one session. I ran my fingers over my ass and was shocked to feel it wide open and then looked down to see the tampon swollen from soaking up water on the shower floor.“But was it that large in my ass?” I wondered. I stood and finished my shower and as I stepped out to dry off I saw my reflection in the mirror. I knew it was my imagination but it seemed that my short little cock was suddenly larger and I wondered if the treatment would make me larger. My mind. He knew that she knew exactly what he wanted and that she was teasing him when she wiggled her toes in the sandals. "Please baby", he begged as he adjusted him massive hardon in his shorts. She smiled and lifted a foot coquettishly- "Is this what you want?" she asked giggling. "Yes baby you know it is". "Do you want me to press my feet against your hard cock?" she asked seductively. The image of her foot against his cock made him shudder with desire; already a bead of precum formed on the. I love you, see you...ooh, ooh, God...later sweetheart.” She was glad she could hang up because she began screaming and couldn’t stop with another orgasm.The cab driver had heard her conversation and at 11 pm, he thrust his cock into her and whispered in her ear, “It’s getting late, you need to be home before your husband.” Mary grunted as she felt his cock throb deep, filling her with more cum. She didn’t want to leave, but knew she had to get home and clean up. She couldn’t let her.

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