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For all that it could no longer ride the waves nor even fire its corroded guns, the Sierra Madre was still classed as a working warship of the Navy. Call it a tactical strategy, but that bucket of rusted bolts held together by spit, duct tape and various other ingenious materials found by the soldiers manning it was not given the happy fate of retirement. Rather it was there as pambalang-kanyon, cannon-fodder, a taunt of rust and peeling paint aimed at the Chinese military building. Mike took a seat at the table as Stan took me over to the bar and should me where the beer was. When we got back to the table he told the guy's Cindy is the waitress for today, then he took my coat. As the guy's saw my outfit you should had seen the looks on there face's and the way there mouth's dropped open. Stan then ask if I wanted paid up front I said sure before someone win's it all . All the guys started to laughing then ribbing Stan that she must had seen him play cards before. Then. Tia is in law school and working part time at a law firm. Some part time job, she worked a lot of late nights and weekends. I hardly ever see her and we hardly ever had sex. Also, it’s been three months since I’ve seen her sister Mia. Graduation day and my mom and brothers were down to help me celebrate. Even though my mom has met Tia before, she never met Mia and I don’t think I ever told her she had a twin sister. So when my mom met Mia, my mom thought it was Tia. However,. Because he wasn’t comfortable using either of the public restrooms while dressed up, he had convinced the owner to give him a copy of the staff restroom key. The first time he’d utilized it had inspired a fantasy. The thought of sucking off a straight man made his cock throb.“That’s a fantasy,” Norm argued. “I never thought about actually doing it.” His eyes wandered back to the drunk, and he found himself trying to peer through the man’s jeans.“You’re thinking about it now,” Danielle said.

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