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We had stayed in touch for both work and as friends over the past few months, exchanging the occasional email and calls.“Did you have a good Christm...s?” I asked.“Christmas, New Years, fun in the sun. Yes, I did. How about you?”“It was good. The kids and I had fun. Nothing like skiing on a white Christmas. What can I do for you?” I asked.“I wanted to ask a favor,” she said. “I’m coming up for Sundance this year and my hotel booking got screwed up. How would you like to make the media go crazy. I crossed their bedroom where her mom was sleeping. Just keptmy ear on the bathroom door, the splash of water excited me. I tried peepingthrough the keyhole. Due to excitement my leg dashed again the bucket nearbymaking noise. Vaishali asked who is it? I kept silent was too afraid. She againasked is it you mom? I said it’s me was passing to drink water. To which shesaid ok. I was relieved days gone by with me tryingto get every glimpse of Vaishali. I came to know that there is another. She turned over to me, and placed her opening closer to me so I could reach it. I started with 1 finger, 2 fingers, and eventually 3 fingers. ‘Ah ah yes don’t stop! More! Put more in me!’ she screamed. I wanted to bring her to the same level of ecstasy was in last friday when she did me. So I obeyed her screams, and moved my other 2 fingers closer. My hand was pushing between her lips to get inside, she was so tight. I could feel the softness of Cindy’s inside, and decided to do what I’ve. Now fuck me."What could I do? It was true. I remember the conversation. Isaid it a long time ago while taking her confession, neverdreaming that she'd do it. I'd forgotten the promise, buthere she was dressed like St Joan, and I was as horny ashell.What was I to do?"Naomi, listen to you? Do you know what you're saying?"My cock was in the ascendancy and my judgment was clouded.Naomi's skirt was so thin and artsy that I just wanted torip it off and bang her.But I couldn't. I was a priest and she.

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