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I figured that she put her clothes in the machine regularly on Friday just before dinner and took them out after having the meal. I went to her room a...d ensured the following dialogues:-Me: Hey Divya! Long time no see, how have you been these days?Divya: Hi Sekhar! I am in good shape.Me: (thinking) Yeah, that is obvious to my eyes too.Divya: So you had some work?Me: Yeah, actually I happen to have given away my washing machine key to a guy and I am currently in dire need to use it. I wanted to. There, that’s good. Now, that’s not much of a habit, is it? A contraband dress, what brought that on, eh?“Have you been having dates, maybe an affair, behind the back of your imaginary husband, Jesus Christ? Some hubby that is. Won’t provide for you, won’t sleep with you, and won’t divorce you if you cheat. He might send you to Hell for it, though, if he was real. Luckily for you, he’s a myth. So, who’s the lucky fella?” Julian smirked as he found a leather strap used in the past by the sisters. Is sab se mujhe zoro se mut aa rahi thi.Maine use bolna jaruri nahi samjha aur usi position mein jab wo mere chut ko apni hathon se chod raha tha, maine mutna suru kar diya. Main dam laga laga ke mut rahi thi, vinay bhi apna hath meri chut se hata chuka tha, aur meri mut side uski body mein ja rahi thi. Wo apne sir ko meri mut ki dhaar pe laga ke meri mut ko sidhe apni muh mein lene laga, sath hi usne meri gand ki chudayi chalu rakhi.Vinay: Didi, main jharne wala hoon.Minu: Nikal de, meri gand. The voice sounded oddly familiar…“And when their bodies responded to the shaft ripping through their intestines, you would ride their hardness until they spewed their life energies into your belly. Then you would continue your work until they were truly gutted – impaled from bottom to top.“Do you remember lying on top of them as they twitched in their death throes? You told me you always wondered what it felt like – to die like that. They fascinated you. Remember?”Vlad turned her over so that.

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