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It was 6 am and nobody else in my house was awake so I had nothing to worry about and continued to play with her tits. I inserted my finger in her and started to finger her and after some finger fucking she woke up and gave me smile. I was happy to see that smile and went near her face and kissed her lips. We were snagging for some time and then we hugged each other real tight as we were very excited I went down on her and started licking her pussy. I was licking her till she had an. We were about 4 hours into our 6 hour drive in the pouring rain when we realized we had no clue where we were. We all figured it would be best to just find the closest hotel, crash and get an early start the next morning. Not more than 20 miles or so we found a small motel; not terribly nasty but not exactly the lap of luxury either. So we settle in and decide we will have some drinks and play a bit of cards before bed. Some drinks turned to more drinks until we were getting a bit smashed.. Eskia allowed her face to redden and swell slightly as she was marched passed a line of stunned Demons.“Now this time don’t come back until you have all the messages for the council!” Kert snarled as he shoved a Succubus out of the way and threw a gasping Eskia into the summoning circle.Eskia tried not to grin as the circle began to glow red. Eskia shimmered and dissapeared.“Get outta my way!” Kert growled to the queue of Demons as he stalked back to the entrance of the summoning hall. A broad. Letting it slide all the way down. Feeling my throat expand. Once my lips were pushed all the way against the wall the stranger started thrusting. Pulling the tip of his giant cock all the way to my lips and ramming it all the way back in until his balls would hit me in the chin. While this was going on my girlfriend went to sucking my cock. Deep throating it. And gagging on it. After a few minutes of being throat fucked I was possessed. I spitting and slobbering on the dick. Gagging and.

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