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Britney now flings her hat away and tosses her head so her hair flails about. "You're ours" she tells him. Jennifer drops to her knees and spreads his...legs at the same time. Her dark hair flies all over his stomach and crotch. Britney approaches him as she undoes her jacket. Her jacket drops to the floor and I see she is wearing a black lace thong teddy. She steps up on the chair so that her crotch is right there in front of his face. She grabs her pants and pulls forward-tearing them off her. I start to fuck you. At first my strokes are gentle, getting more and more of my cock in your pussy. Once I feel my cock inside, I start to thrust, faster, harder according to your shouts of pleasure. As I thrust faster, I see you hands gripping the sand, your thighs tighten around me, your boobs, bouncing with every stroke. Your lips as you bite them with ecstasy and your eyes, locked with mine. I see your love in them, your desire and your thoughts and pleasure. You turn around, on your. He was more than happy to continue exploring that and I soon found that I was doing whatever Frank wanted of me. I was his servant, his slave. He would constantly put me in stranger positions and scenarios and, though I was initially frightened, I enjoyed them on the same basic level. Each time I submitted to him, I felt awash in a comfort that only he could provide. While his tongue explored my mouth, his hands moved to undo the restraints that held my hands in place. Once they were free, he. She thoroughly enjoyed the treatment she was receiving, her mouth being fucked like it was just another pussy. She was a slut...a whore...and she always had been. But this time was extraordinarily different, as she'd never before been used as a fuck toy in public by a total stranger. And this fact made her pussy extra hot and wet...she absolutely loved it! She was a shameless cunt, and she didn't care if anybody saw her or what they might have thought! Before long she felt a burst of hot semen.

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