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Your boyfriend was supposed to giveyou a ring that would have done this, keeping you out of the pageant alltogether, but I was forced to try again, th...s time with a necklace.You've swapped bodies with my cousin Candi. Don't worry, you'll getused to her body soon enough. You will even begin to like it. See,she's a porn star, but wanted out of the life, so I offered her yourbody and she took it."I began to become enraged, and began to struggle against my restraintsto no avail."By the time you. Your inquiries only made me gag you so I would no longer have to listen to your voice. I used my ole trusty nipple clamps to make you a slave to my every command. I put clamps on your nipples and stretched them to the point where you could feel the immense pain. Will you learn to obey me women? I cant hear you! I took away the gag from your mouth to hear incessant replies of yes sir, yes sir! I think that painful adrenaline rush made you a bit tired. You no longer had anything left. I untied. A couple parents would come to ask her questions if their kids had done well in class, she would tell them they had and the parents would leave.A half hour latter Lydia was getting ready to leave herself when she noticed that one student had not been picked up yet. Lydia, who was very short, noticed she was close in size to the nine year old student fast asleep in the playpen, there were even a couple ten year old boys in her class that were taller than her.The girl, who Lydia knew was Minnie. There were three stalls in the bathroom and all of them were filled. Amaya groaned. Of course they were. It was the afternoon and the Student Center was packed. Time was running out and she was getting exhausted. Could she afford to wait for someone to come out? If the next destination was all the way across campus again, she would need as much time as possible to make it there with her body.Amaya kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jeans. She kept her eye on the door and pulled her pants.

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