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He never tired of it. The end result was amazing. Even having watched her, he was unsure exactly what she had done, but the makeup transformed her fro... beautiful to stunning. He would of course have found her beautiful and desirable without the make-up, given half a chance he would have ravished her as she entered the bedroom wearing a towel. His mind wandered to previous occasions on which he had done exactly that, exploring her soft warm body fresh and clean from the bath.He returned to the. Uncle or aunti ko namaste ki or fresh hone chale gye jab me nahane ke liye bathrm pe gyaTab v bhabi ke bare me soch rha tha or bhabhi ke naam ki muthmari fresh hone ke bad bhaiya aay bulane khana khane ko hum niche aay khana khaye or sabhi log beith ke bate kane lage or me bhabhi ko dkh rha tha bhabhi v kbi kbi dkh leti thi raat ke 11baje sbhi sone chale gye vicky to sote hi so gya or mera neend ur gya tha sari rat krbat batalta rha or kb neend aai pata nhi chala subha utha fresh huye nashta ki. Her ass felt as firm as I had imagined it to be, just a pleasant mound of anatomical triumph. She looked at me and smiled, then shimmied down my body until her face was level with my 6" cock, which was completely lateral by this point. I never had experienced an erection this strong before. She gave me one more look of devilish joy, then began sucking on my enlarged member.I nearly screamed out in overwhelming pleasure, wrenching and cringing from the sensations. Her pouty lips glazed up and. My tongue licked its way around the labia and to the clit. Maya's legs had instinctively around my head and she tightly held me into place until I had finished.My tongue had worked around her clit and she screamed and writhed in joy and I felt as if I might fall off the bed as my tongue found its way in deeper insider Maya's pussy. I considered flipping her over and doing the same with her ass but she held me in place.I soon finished and I had released myself from her grip from her legs and I.

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