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Well. Right in the way that you see things.” She shrugged languidly, drawing attention to the firmness of her breasts with a slight shift of her arm... and her posture. Despite my distraction and my irritation, I felt a trickle of lust sliding along my spine. Fortunately, I was more than able to dampen that lust under irritation and a desire to be gone.“Well, I’m here. But speak quickly – Virginia, as you likely already know is-”“Gone,” the Silver Lady said, her voice tolling like a bell.My spine. ? She had been briefed onhis likes and dislikes.? Traci had spentthe entire day belittling him and spanking him with a wooded paddle and aruler.? He seemed to thrive on thehumiliation.? He ejaculated at least tentimes throughout the day, and was happy as a clam when she forced him to cleanit up every time.? She found the wholething distasteful, but since it was a participant booking, one where she was indirect interaction with the client, she made twenty-five hundred dollars.? She had weighed. "Get on your knees," he demanded. I pulled myself up and opened myself up to him once more. He positioned himself between my legs and grabbed my hips and brought me to him. His cock slid inside me with such force that I gasped in surprise. He reached his hand around underneath to my pussy and teased my clit as he slid in and out of me. I couldn't help but moan, he felt so good. "Play with your clit while I fuck you," he demanded. I had very little energy and I could barely hold myself up, let. So far, it had only happened twice.I made my way aft, past the cabinets housing the ship’s AI system, past the life support system and past most of the engine guts until I reached the narrow cargo hold. It would take both me and Zeeris to get the containers out, especially since the two containing contraband had to be lifted from their hiding spots. Using a control panel in the back, I lowered the ramp.The desert heat blasted right into the cargo hold. The area around Unity’s Landing had been.

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