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After that you lie down next to me and hug me...begin to kiss my chest and my nipples... that made me hard after a while, I go on top of you and lips on yours and you wrap your arms around my shoulders. you pull your free leg to your body so I insert my body between your legs... I slowly insert my cock in your pussy and you release a moan when you feel the cleavage inside your pussy... I begin to stroke my hips back and forth with an acceleration, in a rhythm syncronised with the. I thought of starting the conversation:I: Ma’am, is everything sorted with your boyfriend?Rupa: He is my fiancée Rahul and I don’t want to talk about him. Let’s talk about you, do you have a girlfriend?I: Yes, and no.Rupa: What does that mean?I: She doesn’t know that I like her. But I have considered her to be my girlfriend in my mind.Rupa: You should talk to her.I: I am scared, what if she doesn’t like it?Rupa: You are such a nice guy Rahul. No one can reject you. Just be a man and ask her. He uncuffs my ankles and undoes the latch. I keep my legs in the position he placed them until he tells me I can move. “Lower those legs and skootch down so that your ass is on the other side of the door. I want to fuck my property in the cage before I mark and score that pretty flesh,” he says. His eyes are dancing. I moan, reflexively and follow his instructions. As soon as my hips clear the slender threshold, he is on his knees in front of me. He grasps my hips roughly and tugs me closer.. ” “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that,” Carla lied. “Well, you can taste it and see what you think. That is, if you haven’t anything on today.” “Well, actually, I AM clothed, but that could be easily remedied,” Alice laughed. “Smart ass,” Carla replied. “Not on, as in ‘wearing anything’, Silly; on as in ‘going on’.” “Nothing special. I was just going to do some laundry, and read Lush stories on my laptop while I sit on the washer during the spin cycle.” Carla giggled, and said, “I’ll be over in.

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