Ki Badi Badi Chuchi, Mast Chuchi - Desi Aunty And Indian Aunty

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It had been almost two months now since moving here , Mahi Kaminis daughter had taken a break after her studies and left for round the world tour for ...t least six months, my parents had also left for a two month couples cruise , which they had won in a lucky draw when they bought a new car. They did not want to take me as after many years they got to spend time with each other alone , I did not mind , as I could do everything except make food , so that is where Kamini came in , by now I used to. The rollshad been filling, and he was still a little hungry. This meant hewouldn't eat the angel's apples, since she said they were for a day whenhe had no other food.This time when he swept, the Italian lady came out, with three over-ripebananas. They wouldn't be salable on Monday, and she had enough for herSunday baking without them, so she decided to give them to the sweeper,instead of throwing them in the bin out back. He accepted them politely,and then continued to sweep.The pretty lady in. I goggled as I watched myself, wingless and naked, jump into the air, dodging a ball of energy that stuck the ground at my feet. Sven danced around another guard who landed before him, moving with more grace than I had ever seen in my life. Kora ducked a ball of streaming death then burst out of the courtyard into the palace. She darted to the right and out of sight. Sven and myself followed.Illusions?The six of us—the real us— were invisible. I hadn’t even realized when it happened. Kora had. "I'll let the girls do that, they are beaming and want to tell you the story themselves so I won't spoil it for them," Jenny said. "I'll go get them while we are waiting for your clothes to get here."I was immediately surrounded by four crying girls, this time out of happiness, who smothered me with all the hugs and kisses I could handle. They couldn't believe I was OK and was just very sore. They too had expected the worst. Officer Grant came in with my clothes, the girls were only too happy.

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