Condom Ka Khel

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I didn’t get the one I expected, he said “let me show you something” and sat up for me to get off him, “lay down” he said. Being a little ex...austed still, I didn’t need telling twice and I got on my back pulling the ashtray closer. “Well”, I said inquisitively, he pushed my legs open & began licking my pussy.I lay there enjoying every bit of it. I was in heaven and it wasn’t long before I had to put my hands on his shoulders as I began to shudder to another orgasm. I gripped him tightly, hoping. In another sense, it was really good because most of the time it was like three girls chatting about stuff. Except that I could be pretty sure that Tara was getting her facts right – which isn’t always true when three girls get together and chat. It was also good because we didn’t need to be careful about what words we used which was handy because you can’t really talk about that subject without using certain words.Tara and Mum and I had always been pretty open with each other about sex sort of. She still looks pretty good, but like anyone our age, has a few extra pounds too. She calls that the Italian curse. Just so you know, she had the hots for you, back then.” she said with a laugh. I shook my head and said no way.“Way. It probably didn’t help that I used to tell her in college how great you were in bed too. She actually wanted to have a threesome with us, back when we got home.” she said, smiling.“And you were good with that?” I ask.“Actually, I was. I thought it would be hot, and. The new-found feeling throbbed between her legs and shook the cells with an animalistic want for more of the electricity her mother had incited. Throbbing sensations doubled in Joy’s small clit as her mom latched onto her daughter’s nipple and sucked with vigor.“MOMMYYYY!” Joy squealed with detectable tension in her high-pitched voice. Sara licked and kissed her way to the neglected nipple, kissing and licking the light areola until it became dark; then she sucked and licked the direct middle.

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