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Karli's mother purposely sent her to the farm. The girl was an insatiable slut and her mother wanted her to find satisfaction the only way the girls i... the family knew how. It was the job of her aunt to find a cure for the girls lack of satisfaction.Karli hesitated before answering knowing that what she found exciting wasn't anything she wanted her aunt to know about."Not to much auntie." That's not what I hear."Karli froze. Her pulse quickened. What was auntie talking about?"I understand that. Angie piped in again "guys,bell is gonna ring in about two minutes-gotta run, and so do you. Laterguys." At this she reached up and kissed Garrett squarely on the lips,something that was most definitely against school rules.For most of the students in Martinsburg High School, the first day ofclasses passed normally-with the usual schedule screw-ups, teacherscalling roll, giving out books, freshmen being late, often due to notbeing able to handle a combination lock for the first time. For. It was Mother's Day and they were going to church with their son Jason. Roy kissed his wife on the cheek."Happy Mother's Day, dear," he said."Thank you, dear," she responded."I'm going to take a shower and get ready for church," Roy said."All right," Alice yawned. "Maybe I'll go back to sleep for a while."The minute Roy stepped into the bathroom; Alice reached for her cell phone. "I need U now!" she texted. Alice was 36 years old and still a very attractive woman. Roy didn't seem to appreciate. She groggily raised her head off her pillow and realized that she had fallen asleep. Glancing at the clock on her nightstand she noticed that it had only been an hour since her father stood behind her door. Bored, curious, and well aware that she had the house to herself for at least another hour, Zoe decided to venture from her room. As she opened her door and stepped out in the hallway she immediately noticed the amount of pictures on the hallway walls. These were high class portraits of.

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