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She remembered how her son used to try and spy on her whenever she would come out of the shower, or try to look down her top whenever he had the chanc.... He also used to play with her panties and garments whenever she wasn't around. But that was before he changed. And now, she had to figure out of way to use that to her advantage.***THAT NIGHT***"So are you just going to sit there all night and give me the silent treatment?" Lauren asked her son during an awkward dinner.He finally looked at her. It had three moons, the larger moon was closest, and the smaller two moons were further out and had less of an effect on Haven.Haven had indigenous and non-indigenous flora and fauna. It had a population of humanoid peoples that were the descendants of the Keltrian races of approximately forty million. Most lived in small communities that were spread across the seas and islands.I wondered aloud what it looked like from space. The book flashed up a revolving 3D view of the planet about 40cm in. After that, I asked, “Where else can I touch?”She said, “Where else do you want to?”And I said, ” Every part of your body. I don’t want to miss a spot, and you can touch me too.”She just started biting her lips and made a horny face. At that point, we just wanted to take off our clothes and go wild. That was the vibe between us. She said, “Okay, sure, let’s do it after work.”Our work shift ends at the same time. So it was perfect for us. After our shift was over, we got in the elevator. We. Her face lit up, ” Well, nikil, every since I’ve seen you on your birthday I have been thinking of u.” I do not remember what I said to that except that I let my hand rest against her shoulder..I could feel her bra strap…slowly she got on her knees and kneeled in front of me, pulling down my shorts, releasing my very hard cock. I ran my fingers through her hair. By now she had taken my cock in her hand and was teasing my head with her tongue. “Sujata, no one has ever done this to me before.” I.

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