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He kissed me, the my neck and went down to my breasts he sucked my nipples and played with them i moaned, he just looked at me and smiled, he kissed d...wn my stomach and got to in between my legs. ur pussy is already so wet little sis. he smiled, he put a finger in my pussy and took it out and licked it, yum, u taste nice he put his mouth around my pussy and licked. Ahhhh! go… thats god.! he moved up to my clit and sucked it and also nibbled, it felt good, he started to finger fuck me with two. I did as she asked and returned tothe bedroom to find that she had already dressed and gone downstairs,leaving me a pair of knickers and nylon robe on the bed. With a sigh Iput them on and followed Mary down to the lounge.Mary was all businesslike as I entered the room. She was busily engagedin sorting her purchases from the previous day into various piles."Right; this first of all" she said, passing me what looked like a veryskimpy pair of flesh-coloured underpants. I slipped out of my robe. "You better do something about that," Melinda whispered, continuing to soapup my breasts. "Or he might do something you'll regret."The color drained from my face and, almost unbidden, my eyes travelled downto his cock, which was twitching slightly with the strain he was under. Hebarely seemed to notice, watching Melinda soap up my body with a dazed,vague expression."Go ahead," Melinda whispered. "He let you borrow his shower. You owe himsomething at least."I whimpered and looked at Melinda, but. I was determined to complete my mission and accepted Milaku as my fuck mate.we held hands and he took me deep into the forest to a secluded area carrying some rugs and flint with him. It was pitch black in the wilderness and with a flame torch we found a secluded area near the river.He lit a bonfire and spread a mattress near the fire.He didn’t waste any time and he gave me a tight hug ,his firm body instantly made me wet and he started to reach for my boobs.He fondled them with his rough hands.

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