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I feltalong my mouth and discovered the pouty little lips I now had.I'd French kissed plenty of women in my life and knew what a girl's mouthtasted li...e. Mine was already there now and with it the sweet scent ofgirl flesh already filling my tiny little nostrils."Let it settle. Let it stabalize for a minute," a non-robotic soundingwoman's voice said over the speakers. It seemed she was talking to someoneelse from a control room somewhere. "Cranial features good. Brain size re-adjusted. No damage. Trust me, it's worth it... much better than Nathan's!" They giggled together, but I jolted again. Wait, the fuck? Did they, like, have a threesome? I honestly wouldn't even be surprised. She turned her head towards my cock again, and finally held her gaze. "I mean... I guess it'd be fun... like old times." They laughed again, and I just sat there feeling like an object. When I blinked back into existence I realized I had missed Kaitlin taking her shirt off. That was a fast transition. She. They have adapted to capitalism with a vengeance. They own a number of business on Earth, and have almost entirely monopolised the audit sector of business: numbers are their forte, you see, and they have established a reputation for probity. I have heard rumours of them pursuing criminals and removing their stolen assets: much more effective than jailing them, if you ask me!" Enough of this bragging, Tom. You can tell me more when I get there. This egg sac intrigues me. I hope I can identify. I sat on the same couch opposite her initially, but by the time the movie was almost over we had somehow moved ourselves right next to each other in the centre of the couch. There was a tense moment in the movie, so we had stopped talking to watch. I could feel the skin of her bare arm brushing against mine, and it was like an electric shock right through my body. I was taller than her, and as such had a great view down the top of her low cut shirt. My cock rose in my jeans, and I shifted so.

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