Desi Super Cute Babe Fucked By BF

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Next day also she behaved normal with a new smile this gave me more courage and i started doing it frequently, one day i found top 2 buttons of her ni...hty open not sure if kept open for me or left by mistake after feeding her baby, so i took that bare nipple into my lips and started sucking lightly so that she is not up but to mine surprise she didn’t got up even after i lost my control and started it sucking like a baby tasting her milk, that was really sweet and awesome, i hadn’t tasted. Her figure is yummy!I made her sit on the bed and gave my lund in her mouth, and she started tickling it with her tongue tip, and I was wet. She was sucking my lund’s head softly, with her saliva and wet lips, and I was in heaven. Then the door bell rang, and she froze. I told her it must be Swati, as I asked her to come here. She gave me a naughty smile and we both went to the door, and she had my lund in her hand. She saw thru the peep glass and yes, it was Swati. She opened the door standing. “Take my skirt off for me Peter, no knickers, I took them off half an hour ago.We have lots of wall mirrors and I am pleased to see Roger now has a full on erection.“Eight inches and thick isn’t he,” I tease as Peter ogles his cock.“Like what you see Peter?” Roger asks as he stands up and lets his gown slip off his shoulders, then poses with his hands on his hips, his erection pointing upwards.“Like my all over suntan? Sarah has one as well,” Roger smiles as he teases his nipples and flaunts. Kim was getting close to being able to slid it down her throat. It was thick, real thick, but the angle of his cock was perfect to deep throat. She was drooling heavily and thick bridges of spit would connect her mouth and his cock whenever she moved her lips away from it. She squeezed his cock with her fingers and a big drop of precum dripped out on her tongue, causing her to drool more. Finally, Kim was ready to make her move. She held the base of his cock with her hand and in one motion,.

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