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" I replied, a shiver running through me "...well a lot, It's nice to appreciate a sexy woman" I replied"But, does it, you know, get you excited?" He ...uestioned with a gleam in his eyes"Well, it does if I'm sitting here thinking about having that woman in front of me, her body to touch and play with, but I have to be feeling kinky" Like now?" he asked looking straight at me "Do you play with yourself watching other women"I looked away, a little embarrassed by the questions, and a bit more. ” “No, not the same way. I was thinking more along the lines of…propaganda,” “Propaganda?” “I want to make a very strong message, so my idea is a little unorthodox.” “Lily, come clean here. What are you asking?” Leon said. Lily wiggled in the chair, unsure of how to get her idea across. She twisted her lips, sitting in momentary silence while she contemplated. “Come with me,” Lily walked steadily back to the bedroom where she began removing her sun dress and clothes haphazardly. Leon looked on. My wife got up and sat next to her pretending she was not with me, then out of the blue I heard my wife say to the girl, I'm sorry I couldn't help over hear you all talking about your BF's and their cocks, it was quite horny actually, the girl blushed slightly and my wife said do you have any of the pictures I haven't seen a nice hard cock in ages( LOL) the girl was reluctant by my wife's persistence proved too much and she eventually showed her some pictures, wow, said my wife, look hear as. She had fair skin. She had big boobs. She had nice black hair tied to a bun. I asked her where was her husband. She told me that her husband was in Dubai. Their last home was a rented one and their contract ended. They immediately bought a home in Virar. Maya could not go to Dubai so she lives here.She took me to the kitchen and prepared tea for us. While drinking tea she asked me a few awkward questions. Maya directly asked me either I was virgin. I hesitantly told her I was not a virgin. She.

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