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Both the girls now started their show and kissing each other all around then they whispered somethings in the ear and both came to me . Sneha hold my ...rotch and kissing me deep. My gf opened my undies and took out the 7inch shaft . She teased me first by licking and balls and frontal part then took the whole crunch inside her mouth . I was on the cloud nine with these two hotties . I was not able to control myself for long so i told my gf to stop and made them kiss each other . I snatched their. I guess she knew what is going on, uncrossed her legs and stood up very slowly smiling. She put hands in her hair, very slowly, acting sl**py cat. Her boobs popped up beneath the gown, I could see pair of hard nipples. She enjoyed playing game with me. In that moment I could understand Joe Coker’s song: You Can Leave Your Hat On, when he says: “Come over here Stand on that chair yeah, that’s right. Raise your arms in the air now shake ’em. You give me reason to live – you give me reason to live. Wiggling the statue about and pulling her cunt this way and that until I got the basket passed the entrance. The rest of it followed until nine-inchs of soiled China was up her cunt. Then I started on her anus by working a finger in and out of her arsehole. Are you kids alright? I asked. Izzy replied. Is beautiful dad, I feel so full. Then Danny answered. Her arseholes so tight, it holds my dick like a hand, I think Im going to cum. I hadnt cum because I wanted to be the first to flood my. When she was done, Gayathri ran her hands through his chest hair to see that it was all dry. Narayan was thinking,” dei shudra unnakku ennoda brahmana pondattee vaenumma, nokku oru karruppu shudrachidhaan varaporaa pondaatiyaa,”( hey Shudra, you need my Brahmin wife, for you, only a black shudra lady is going to come as wife)Now all this was clearly having an effect on the guy. His shorts were not able to contain his boner and both Gayathri and Narayan noticed his hard-on through his shorts and.

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