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C.s.o who had arrested him. I had discovered he had a thing about his mother`s breasts, and since her passing had developed a definite fetish, losing ...ll inhibitions with drink which he wasn’t used too. I rang for coffee and Alice soon fetched in the tray, she was bare legged, wore a dark skirt and a bright saffron, paisley pattern, button fronted blouse she had intended to visit Joe in that evening. I could see our little friend eyeing her secretively, and reddening as he did while trying to. And I think she got a doubt that I was staring. So I immediately turned my face towards the TV then to my surprise she asked me: “Do you want to suck it?”. I got the shock of my life. Before I could say anything she got up in front of me and soon she was seated on my lap face to face, her legs crossed around my waste. I was so turned on. I opened the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled the dress of her shoulders to reveal her bra then I unbuckled her bra and took it of her shoulders.. I started sucking Bob's cock and gothim good and hard again and he fucked me again. Bob fucked me several moretimes that night and right before left to go home he told be he liked mewearing the tank top and panties and the mini skirt and wear them againwhen he comes over and he loved my hairless body.I met another man on line his name is Glenn and he came over and we sat andtalked for a while and we got undressed and he sucked my cock and He askedme if I wanted to taste his big hard uncut cock. I knew that she felt the same way as I did. We returned to the resort where we were both staying. I asked her if she would like to come in for a nightcap. She assented and walked with me to my cabin. I opened the door and allowed her to precede me. Katherine walked in and turned around. She stretched out her arms and once again our lips met in a searing kiss. Katherine was 52 but only looked about 40 years old; she was 5 feet, 10 inches tall with reddish blond hair, startling bright green.

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