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"OOHH YEESSS!! OOOOHHHH YEEESSSS!!!"Roger moved his mouth away from her ear and he kissed her again. And that was when he felt her tongue pushing betw...en his lips as she wrapped her arms around him and pushed her hips off the bunk as she searched for more contact with his fingers.Doris broke the kiss then and looked at him as he continued to finger her pussy and massage her breasts. She was breathless with the sort of pleasure she had never experienced in her life before. "Roger that was.... I stood and undressed in a flash,my young cock swelling fast — got over her butt and went downplacing my knees to the outside of her lower back. I eased my weight onto her upper thighs to have a better vantage point. The large head of my cock lay throbbing on her ass crack. Start with my shoulders please, and use the tips of your fingers and thumbs to grip and release my skin and muscles. Move slowly down the center of my back I did as I was told. Her shoulders were tight with tension from. Morgan continued to massage her legs and his hand crept up until it reached under her panties. Sophie lay there wondering just what was going to happen.His finger soon edged it's way into her vagina. Sophie protested but backed off from fear and a strange excitement inside her. She knew that she was being violated yet the excitement was overwhelming. Black hands on her body. Alone with two very black Africans on a blanket. Her attention to the elephant herd below became subdued as her body. I could not hide the soft breath releasing moan that emanated from the depth of my love for this awesome man. I had determined that this would remain a strictly platonic massage even though I had developed a deep and abiding love over the six months that we had communicated online and by phone. However, without saying a word his hands took command and directed my body to do his will. My body responded to his direction not from my logical mind but from my passion core. He ran his hands tenderly.

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