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I was about to lose my shit I was so excited. When they pulled up that evening, I literally ran out and jumped in the back seat of the car. Josh was...in the back with Lucas driving and Ben was riding shotgun. They had a carton of beer and I immediately took a long pull. We rode around for an hour or so. By that time, I was about three beers in. Lucas announced that they needed gas. The guys started pooling their money. They looked at me. I shook my head. I had nothing. After getting. I allowed my gaze to gently caress her body watching her nipples harden against the soft silk. Her lips parted as her tongue flicked out to moisten them, She squirmed slightly in her seat, a tiny smile played across her beautiful lips. We ate our dinner slowly, relishing each others’ gaze. The open adoration, the total love that glowed like an ember, waiting patiently to explode into passion at a moments’ notice. "Le Escargot, Monsieur e' Madame." the waiter said softly as if not wanting to. Despite spending billions of dollars to try and appease anti-government feeling, the movement for more democracy continues to gather support. In other news...Donnie and Archie were watching the TV in the Bridge-of-Allan apartment, waiting for some sign that Donnie's intelligence had led to action against the Asians, but so far nothing had shown up. Instead they were watching as the Middle East continued to descend into chaos and world oil supplies were being severely disrupted.The UK Government. Okay. Put the data and systems on standby and activate a quarantine. I'll take care of them later," he said. The next 5 minutes he was busy destroying Ultron's last creations. Just before he and the others were able to destroy the drone, it began to invade the tower system. Now Tony realized what Ultron was after."Jarvis. You must fend off this attack! He wants to get to the construction plans of the Ultron body. He wants to build himself a new body." Sir. To fend off the attack, I'd have to.

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