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She had to stretch her mouth very wide so as to fit it once she put it inside her mouth she was unable to move her mouth up and down as it was tightly...fitted in her mouth I saw tears rolling down her eyes and I told her to get up and the moment she left my cock the mixture of her saliva and my pre cum trailed to her thighs and then to the floor.I took her to her bed room and made lie down on the bed on her back and inserted two fingers in her cunt any my…….it was tight wet and hot ..I said didi. My legs are a bit on the shaky side."Bob and Albert both went over and took an arm each, and assisted her down the stairs, and to the table. Pam poured a cup of coffee, and put in a little clear liquid from a pint jar that was under the sink. "Here, Mom. This'll put the starch back in your sails." Vera took a drink of the coffee, put the cup down, and fanned herself with her hand. She looked at Pan and remarked, "You made it like your Dad used to drink it. Gimme some milk." Mel took the jug out. I'll make the trip to be with Jennifer and be back before you know it. Don't let this become too much for you."Colleen jumped in. "Rebecca, it's going to be Ok. If you are worried, then go with Daddy and Mother this morning. I'll go with Brian and make sure he doesn't overexert himself. We'll go and come back fast, and then we'll be together on the ship."Rebecca looked skeptical but unwilling to be parted from us. Being scared might have been part of it. She probably felt like she'd be more in. The pill was clearly having an effect on me; I couldn’t believe I was lasting so long. I was fucking her hard when Megan called out like before, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”I was close too but it was still several moments before I grunted that I was cumming. After pulling the condom off I lay next to Megan. “You okay?” I asked.“Okay? That was great, thank you for being so patient with me.” She leaned over kissing me. “Thank you even more for fucking me good. I do hope we will have a repeat, tonight.

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