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Companions couldn't be damaged in a physical sense. They could only die if their host died, and another host wasn't available. Al's lifespan of nearly...fourteen billion years, was a testament to the longevity of Companions. Facing the prospect of trading the next thing to an infinite future for the finite longevity of humans' bodies, voluntarily, caused a lot of discussion. The Companions were forced to reexamine their commitment to the human race.Naturally, every Companion wanted to do. We were out in the countryside at a farmhouse so the journey back was in darkness and over two hours driving. I was flat out in the back and when hubby suggested his friend lift me up he said it was OK, let me sl**p. Un-beknown to him of course, was that I was resting, slightly d***k, but not out of it. Within the first ten minutes it was obvious to me, my companion in the back was feeling frisky, as he now held my head in his lap, and as my husband and front seat companion chatted, his hand. Of course, I wasn’t going to tell my wife about this incident. Uh uhhh, no way I told myself repeatedly. Later that morning, I went out back to do a little work. It wasn’t warm. In fact that day, two days from my birthday in fact, it was unseasonably warm. Snow had fallen but it was reaching 40 degrees that day. I still had a few things to do out back. So did she it turned out. Moments after I began working out there I heard a quiet, sedate like “Hello there.” I almost thought I was hearing. One of the soldiers would stop at every fifth woman, and hit them on the head with a leather riding crop. When he stopped at her grandfather, he has hit hard enough to knock him down to the ground. Ladybug’s saw stars as her eyes began to tear up. The three soldiers began saying something in the funny language, as they kicked her grandfather over and over as they laughed and made jokes. Ladybug couldn’t handle it. She got up from cover and pointed her pistol at the first soldier. The subsonic.

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