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With a growling rumble, she slowly turned around. As her head turned away from us, Jack broke the embrace and scrambled for the tree. I was left stand...ng there to face the beast alone. My legs didn’t want to obey my brain.How the hell did I get myself in this position?She slowly turned around and walked up to me, her trunk searching my face and body. I saw her beautiful eyes greeting me with a wink of her long lashes. Her trunk moved all over me, smelling my fear but also my fascination. The. It was only in the evening in bed that she allowed me to hold her and still I felt that she was holding back her tears. Inside me, I knew what had happened. Once again, everything was shattered to pieces. I just did my best to hold things together.I guess that Marie did not understand that as I took care of the finances, I would see from there that she had visited the college clinic. From the list of services rendered, I could easily see why see had been there. I felt sick myself. To say that. I was trying to sneak a few feels here and there from the wives I was undressing. All the wives looked like they were getting their fair share of being poked and stroked on the husband's laps. Still, my wife Krista and her letting all the other husbands fuck her and play with her tits had me mesmerized. She looked like she was really enjoying the whole scenario and so was I. This was the most unbelievable scene I had ever witnessed. After a good deal of starting and stopping all the wives. Blossoming at eighteen, I was a sexually active woman-c***d, a nymph cavorting with my dirty desires glimpsed in my passionate, innocent eyes—my full lips wild and pouting, begging for his attention and love.I was confident Rona will not catch or notice us, either with Dad stroking my pussy in the car or sucking and mashing my tits behind the door. Or me, giving him a blowjob under the table or when we both hide, fucking, bent in the laundry room, wherever and whenever a chance came up."Am I.

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