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Thank you for taking the time to read my tale and commenting. I hope you enjoy the story. ******************** Johnny Burrows pulled his horse to a st...p in front of the Fountain City Livery Stable. Made good time we did, he said to himself, just 48 days from Portland to Fountain. Dismounting he patted William’s neck and said, ‘Good job, old son. You brought me a long way.’ He stepped over to his pack horse Buck and repeated, ‘Good job, big fellar.’ The stable master came out to join Johnny.. " I'm sure we will be fine," I said, as I sat down in the confined space... hoping it would be very bumpy indeed.Kristen, who was in a skirt, looked at me and paused.I patted the seat. "I don't bite."She laughed, as she awkwardly moved in and sat on my lap at first, holding her skirt in place so her private parts were protected, then squeezed in beside me.Dad looked in and said, "Last chance or forever hold your peace." A statement he often used when he was giving us a chance to reconsider or. Should I have insisted on going with them? She was safe enough, I thought, but would she think I abandoned her? No, that’s just stupid. She decided to go with him and leave me at the bar. Oh fuck, what have I done! My wife of 20 years was with a big black stud, fucking her brains out with my encouragement. Maybe I should go check on her, I thought, then recalled his warning. These thoughts played over and over in my mind. I finally decided I had to go check on them. Just as I stood to get the. Then she came with one of her friend her name was Priya she was new to our college so Anushka introduced me to her and two other guys, then we started talking and other stuff. Then I went near the door and started smoking, and then Priya came to wash her hands, she asked can she have a drag I was like OK you can then we both started talking, it was a good talk. Around 2 o’clock at night I was standing near the door and heard someone coming I looked and it was Priya she asked what are doing here.

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