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The other woman held out her hand. "I'm Leslie and this is my store." I'm Sally." The hand she shook was large, firm and felt good. "Nice to meet you.... Now, sit down and we'll see about those shoes." Leslie scanned Sally, a light of interest appearing in her eyes that bespoke more than just casual interest in a possible customer. "Perhaps some new pantyhose, although your legs are quite lovely bare."Sally, always ready to flirt with attractive and interesting member of either sex, sat down in. “Choos saali.. Achi tarah choos.. Tu to hai hi saali raand. Kapde bhi raand wale aur harkaten bhi.. AAj sudharunga mein tujhe. Chaat achi tarah mera lauda.” I was enjoying his cock but I was being suffocated sometimes too. Then he removed his cock from my mouth and pulled my hair to make me stand up. Then he kissed my lips and my neck. Then he kissed my ears and licked them with his tongue. He moved his tongue behind my ears and licked them. I loved that feeling. Then he removed the stained bra. “Weed whacking pays good.” He leaned closer and added softly, “Put the extra money toward buying the skimpiest bikini you can find.”Barb’s lips twisted into a flirty smile.“Well, thank you, Zach. Maybe I will,” she said, and winked at him.----The next morning was Saturday so Zach went to baseball practice and tried to whip the boys into shape. He was glad to see that they weren’t bad at all, just rusty on some of the mundane finer points. The practice was boring for the kids but by the end,. Sweeter, she answered.Feeling her fingers run down her labium majus, Mary watched Ann her young lover. With her fingers passing under her lips Ann said, you're so wet. Mary began to pant as Ann dabbled her finger in her wetness. Inquisitive Ann brought her hand to her up. Sticking her tongue out, she licked her finger tips. Watching her Mary asked, what do you think. It's nothing like I thought, she said. It's nice. The warm feeling she had in her began to build with Ann running her fingers.

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