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"Hi honey, welcome home." You tell her kissing her on the cheek. "Let's go down and get your luggage shall we?" The two of you chat about nothing very...important after all it is clear that your daughter is a bit more nervous than you are. "Did you have a good flight?"Mary looks at you with a big smile and her blue eyes sparkle with happiness. "Oh yeah daddy, it was fine, one of my girlfriends might come by during the summer would that be ok?" Sure darling, I think that would be just great." You. My dick was becoming erect, suddenly I said myself what is it? I’m lusting own mom. But I couldn’t resist myself I was thinking to press my mom’s breast but could not get enough courage. Suddenly mom’s phone rang. It was dad. Before dad could say a word, mom kept saying dad in various way to take care of him. It was 8 pm. Dad talked with me too. Then at 9 pm we took our dinner. I was just putting on my earphone mom said-‘hey keep that bloody earphone out and chat with mom’. I said its pleasure.. Then, the audacious bastard says, ‘Go get that for me, Josh.’ The several beers I’d had were wearing off and I wasn’t really in the mood to be fucked with, you know? But he didn’t say it unfriendly or nothing, it was like he just lost it and was too tired to go get it or something. I glanced at the others and they just shrugged, although I thought Cory was maybe grinning a little bit. So I thought to myself, ‘What the fuck,’ and I went on to get Mike’s stupid tennis ball. It had bounced off the. Now keep in mind we are the only 2 on this unit. I turned on the call bell alarm so as if a call light went off We could hear it. I turned around and there she was starting to take off her scrubs. I was practically drooling as I saw her white lace bra covering her almost perfect C tits. Her panties were also lace, see through tongs. Man she looked good she was about 5'6" Brown hair, Green mysterious eyes, and probably weighed 150 to 160 lbs. She looked hot. She came towards me and we.

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