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Knowing that Sujitha had given up fighting, he slipped a couple of his meaty fingers and let them plunge deep inside her pussy. After driving in and o...t her pussy several times, Ranjith realized that she looked perfect to let his huge meat shove inside her young cunt. He leaned again and watched her squeal again feeling his tongue on her pussy lips. His eyes gazed her body flexing in arousal as he went about eating her pussy with absolute relish. Sujitha’s right hand inadvertently gripped the. Lesley waved him off dismissively and Juan withdrew to the safety of his office.Daisy stared at Lesley for a long time.Lesley was standing now. In her short blue dress, she was a knock out. She was talking to one of the other girls.Lesley was not tall but she had long shapely legs and was not wearing nylons, as this was a warm night. Lesley's legs were not pink, as Daisy might have expected white girls' legs to be but rather a very light orange. They were beautiful, even to DaisyLesley was not. She would be told that she wouldn’t be allowed to get off, not even by her own hand. The only relief she would be allowed come after I fucked all three of her holes. Anything else was a major break in the rules for her and she would suffer her family’s fate. They would tie her hands, put a hood on her, dress her in a robe, and make her believe she was going to come screw me. Instead she was going to get put to sleep and strapped into a plane back to the states.Without warning the triplet mind. ? Please don't stop....please.."?I continued with thrusting the toy and licking his throbbing cock.? I?pulled off the clothes pins still pinching that over-so sensitive V.? Then i moved my mouth from licking his cock to wear those pins had been.? He let out a growl that made me not want to keep patient.? I stopped thrusting the vibrator, but pushed it in as far as it would go and I?straddled my bound slave's pelvis.? I positioned his rock hard member inside of my dripping slit.? It felt so warm.

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