Palvi CPL Tango (21.11.20)

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.. active in the occult, in Santeria, in fact. I just ... knew that you were supernatural somehow. You’re not ... the Antichrist, are you?” Sandra...wondered aloud.“Why do people keep asking me that? No, technically, I’m not the Antichrist, but you know, strictly speaking, I was ... scheduled ... to be the Antichrist. Those plans ... are not quite in play anymore. Instead, I’m rewriting the canon. As in, editing Scripture. Some parts of the old plan are still in place, but I edited out that ‘Lake. All the bodies were swinging their hips together when I felt a tall person standing right behind me. I looked behind and obviously, it was the same guy. I just smiled at him and started shouting and dancing again with all my energy.I got my first surprise of the evening when the guy pressed my ass over my skirt. I was in full mood to break all barriers and enjoy what I was getting that night. So, I just kept smiling and doing what I was doing as he explored my soft ass cheeks over my skirt.He. About an hour later Todd said, "Hey, need gas, lets pull over get something to eat, get gas and push on. OK?" "Sounds good." They pulled into a rest stop a few miles down the road and Harry went into the restaurant while Todd fueled the car. He grabbed a booth and sat down as the waitress approached. She was a good looking , dark haired, older woman with high breasts, a slim waist and a great ass. Harry was an ass man. "What can I get. That's how long a lightbulb can burn; 1890 to 1962. I wonder who got the electric bill?Lessee. The bank crashed in '29 ... no help there, the city clerk doesn't have the key. No one has the key.Jezebel ... bless her sweet hide ... said, "daddy has the safety deposit vault from the bank." The boxes?" Nope, the whole damn thing. His daddy bought it when they tore down the bank building." You're kidding." Nope, he's got the main vault too." Does he have the keys?" Yes." She dithered a bit and then.

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