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And the hits just keep coming. That’s a ‘Tim’ saying. He says that at one time people listened to favorite radio stations for the music in their...daily lives, and some stations played ‘Top 40’ hits. I have trouble imagining that world.The next ‘hit’? Double wedding today. My Vicki’s marrying one William Hardesty – her ‘Billy’ – and his sister Teresa’s marrying Don Matzke, the chief pilot and manager of the charter flight services branch of 3S Transport.So the place is full. Rented chairs. The. I looked, and looked again, but didn’t see any game among the trees. Laughing at me, the warrior signed nest and eagle. Then I saw the bulky nest in the trees. It looked similar to the bird’s nests I was used to seeing, but was more than ten feet across, and made from sticks bigger around than my thumb.When we got to the tree, he motioned for me to climb up. Looking around, and not seeing any eagles, I climbed, still wondering if he was pulling my leg. The inside of the nest had a soft, albeit. Sasha took a sharp intake of breath at Aimee’s gesture, unsure as to what to do next. Sensing Sasha’s apprehension, Aimee coaxed gently. “Don’t be shy…Come here…” She pulled Sasha to her, leaning in to softly nibble the other woman’s lip. Meanwhile Sasha was momentarily overcome with surprise, her stomach fluttering with desire. Still she hesitated, until Aimee slid her tongue delicately into her mouth. Fueled by the unmistakable arousal that coursed through her body, she returned the kiss in. I was relieved none of them were white, so Paula was not in here. It took a while to tear my eyes away. I had never seen anyone making love never mind what must have been twenty people intertwined and humping away!I tore myself away, worried by the thought of Paula being caught up in such an orgy! I tried the next door after knocking and receiving no reply, only to see the same sight.At the next door I knocked and called out. I hear Paula call out not to come in. I called again. She sounded.

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