Indian Bhabhi Cheating His Husband In Oyo Hotel Room With Hindi Audio Part 14

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Next to the casinos, the wedding chapels and businesses that catered to them where the second largest source of revenue in the desert town…well lega... one anyway. There would be hundreds of jewelers more than happy to help him part with a large chuck of his savings. Not that that was why he was looking first of this ring. Money was just money, he had always known that. And as a simple man with simple needs, he had acquired more of it than he needed in this life. No, this was about redemption,. “Suresh Jiju is here,” Ayushi told her bhabhi as she walked towards the door.“Suresh? What? Why? I… I mean, is everything alright?” Kavita’s eyes went wide as she heard his name. Flashbacks from that morning’s incidents replayed in her head. She had jerked him off in the bathroom the last time Suresh was in her house.“Yeah, bhabhi. I called him and asked him to drop me at the airport.” Ayushi said as she opened the door.Suresh came in smiling. He was dressed formally, and Ayushi hugged him. People on every corner, in every building, every car, every bus, pretty much every inch of the city center had a person in or near it.Most, like any metropolis, minded their business, hurried along, but I noticed an unusual number of obnoxious touts.The touts mostly fell into two categories: either halfway decent looking young girls, speaking perfect English, on about trying local tea, or short, pushy, tacky dressed middle-aged guys, like gnomes, poking fake, gaudy watches in my face, grunting. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going slut?” Amy stopped moving immediately. She knew now that her fears were about to be realized. The stranger was about to ravage her body more. Amy’s tears dripped down the side of her face and onto the bedspread. The stranger stripped his tuxedo off and hovered over Amy’s practically naked body. “I’m gonna make you beg me to stop, you probably won’t enjoy this,” he rumbled in a low voice. Amy shuddered at the thought of the stranger putting himself.

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