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In my next story Jennifer is going to ride one of these, and I want Sally to ride it now so she can tell me how it feels, and I can then accurately de...cribe Jennifer's feelings for the book."Sally groaned as Phil lifted her up and had Keith take one of her legs and put it over the other side of the beam! Then he and Keith carefully lowered Sally until she was straddling the beam, with her feet still well off the floor, her newly shaved pussy pressed hard against it! Phil drew her arms back and. He was rubbing my pussy. Now we moved inside the car he started to finger and lick my pussy. It was awesome feeling. I then took his dick in my mouth and started sucking his dick. He cummed within minutes and my mouth was full of this juices. He then inserted his dick in my pussy and he was shocked to know that I was not virgin. He fucked me for 10 minutes and then I changed the dress and we both started our journey. After reaching to the function I attended it and as I got chance I moved out. But I can tell you’re approaching a crisis. My clever fingers won’t let you come, but they won’t let you rest either, and now you’re shaking your head and mumbling something.Let’s loosen the ball gag and see if you’re ready to talk...“Please, please, don’t finger-fuck me any more, I just can’t take it.””Gah! I’m onto your Br’er Rabbit tricks - you’ve actually been enjoying this all along! Well let’s see how you feel about this...”And I stroke hard, front and back, while sucking on a distended. She stroked the shaft up and down rubbing the tip of cock with her thumb. She then buried her head in my lap as she licked the head of my cock tasting my pre cum that had oozed its way off the tip. She sucked on the head of my cock her tongue winding its way all over the tip whilst her hand ran up and down my shaft. She repeated the motion as I slowed down keeping a watch, the roads were fortunately deserted. She concentrated all her attention on my cock as I slid my left hand over her buttocks.

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