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Stay out of trouble," Ms. Dunterbaum saidleaving my room.Lidia and I headed out of my room and down to the storage area where theyget the new clothes ...rom. I found it so weird to walk around in woman'sclothes and no one look at me funny. I couldn't believe how many girlsjust didn't seem to care. I had to smile to myself.Chapter 14Kelly came in the door and headed straight for the bedroom, stripping offher clothes to toss in the hamper so she could get in the shower. Shehad Brian, well. ‘Damn’ She thought, ‘What this k**s lacks in experience he sure makes up for in enthusiasm’ “Yeah, Nate suck on my clit. Make momma Susie cum.” She said with her head back and eyes closed. As she started to cum she felt a cock rubbing on her lips, she opened up her eyes and saw that Mikey had come over and straddled her head and was rubbing his cock on her mouth wanting her to suck on it again. “And what do you propose I do with that thing Mikey?” she asked. “Suck on it momma Susie, make it. Her breasts fluttered free of the fabric casing, her nipples erect and begging to be licked. I pushed her onto the bed and started laying light kisses from her chin to her nipple, licking and sucking the little piece of flesh as she squirmed with delight under me. She was moaning now, deep, instinctual. Somehow I was pleased with myself, savoring the orgasms to come. I kissed down her belly button and was met with her exposed, pulsing, swollen, drenched clit. She smelled like what I would. That room was nothing to brag about, but it did have a bed which we put to good use. It's amazing what the danger of dying will do to spice up your sex life.The next morning, we were about two miles out of town when we encountered two road agents. Obviously, they had seen our successful capture of the fugitives yesterday and thought that we already had the reward money with us. We didn't, but we were carrying close to $1,000 from other sources, so we were reluctant to give up our money..

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