Lakshmi Lechu

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"Their dinner was in the dining room of the Spearfish Lake Inn. Heather wore her swimsuit under her clothes; after dinner, John had arranged for them ...o use the hot tub. It would be something different to do.For more than two months, Heather had been having dinner with John, on the average of once a week. He had difficulty getting away more often than that, for in addition to overseeing the preparations for the haunted house with the SADD kids, he coached girl's basketball, a fall sport in. A bad plan. She was a bad girl, after all. Everybody said so.When her father went out shopping, warning her to get the laundry started if she didn't want to lose some more privileges, she was up from her perch in front of the TV like a sprinter out of the blocks.She ran and dumped an armful of clothes in the washer, and turned it on. There. Now he couldn't complain.Then she headed straight for his 'study'.She giggled to herself as she pulled out her key-chain and quickly unlocked his door. When. As I walked in the back door I could hear voices coming from the living room I stepped to the dining room door and saw my wife sitting on the couch beside a young man who was obviously a salesman. He had his advertising material spread out on the coffee table. The sales pitch was over, though, and they were sitting back and relaxing over a cup of coffee. Jo was wearing a white blouse and a short white skirt. Her skirt had hiked up until I could see the dark band at the top of her stocking.. His beard was receding inwards. By thetime he realised what had happened, his chin was now devoid of hair, assmooth as the days when he was but a child."Demon, is this? Some pathetic attempt to humiliate me?" the Knightsnapped, electing another giggle from the Succubus. The Knight grumbled,not taking his eyes off her... as he slowly but surely began to feel atightness in his chest. He grunted in pain, and for the briefest ofmoments he broke eye contact to glance down at his breastplate.

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