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The coral-colored inner lips were open, and he found himself staring into the puckered opening of her cunt and the pink sphincter of her asshole."Hone..., I'm going to lick your cunt and make you cum! You're going to love it! Just relax and let Daddy lap that juicy pussy. It feels so good you'll probably want me to do it again! Take it easy! Damn, you smell so good!"Dana felt his hot, steamy breath against her twat and rectum, and while it was pleasant, it wasn't enough to dissipate her fears.. It felt so different. She did miss those feelings. Reluctantly Nancy whispered, "ok." He quickly stood up and walked into the hallway. He could hear him whispering. She thought that he must be telling her the same things. Then he heard both of them walk through the door. Nancy felt like she was going to pass out. Her heart was beating out of her chest. He guided the other girl in front of Nancy and sat her down on the bed. Nancy's nipples hardened when she felt the other girl's legs brush. The guy inside me moaned as well and fucked me as quick as a dog. Exhausted, he pulled his dick out when the last one entered me.I knew I could climax once more, but I need to recover my strength. We both found a relaxed rhythm soon, the guy was sensitive enough to give me time and suggested I should ride him for the benefit of the others. Quickly we swapped positions. I rode him, leaned back, hands next to his feet. The others understood. Paul kissed me French, Eric spilled beer over my tits,. We were on vacation once together too, in Copenhagen. We shared a hotel room by a lovely square. with a small balcony facing the pedestrian street and the square. It was out of season, but big cities are never quite quiet. the first morning hotel, my friend wakes up and goes out onto the balcony only in his green boxer. I also only find in the boxer. We look at the square, not many people are there, but some walk back and forth, taking pictures of the surroundings. My friend says it's been a.

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