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The night is clear and cool but not cold. The moon's out and bright and there are stars. Poetry is written about nights like this. Girls get talked in...o their first times. Guys propose. You'd have to be a pretty big loser to be wandering around alone on a night like this. Yep; pretty big loser. I turn around and head back inside; if I hurry, maybe I can apologize to her before she goes home with someone else.My plan is derailed when I see Shawn leading Beth out of the dance and around the far. “What was that all about?” she asked me.“What?” I replied, wiping the cum from myself with the hand towel I had with me.“That... That movie."“You know what it was, Amy, porn. We watched it years ago.”“Yes, but this was a married couple, and he was watching another man have sex with his wife.”"Cuckolding.”“What?”“Cuckolding. A wife has sex with another man, and the husband is okay with it. Even encourages it.”“Oh, c'mon. That kinda thing’s not real is it?” She said as she sat down on the chair. I got on the right side and layed down with my arm across the pillow...Ok I'am getting him now she said leaving the room....She left and a minute or so later they came in together.....Look what I got for you honey she said.....As she entered the room with Rodney....Damn he sexy as hell and got on panties and shit he said....I had on all black stockings, garter,panties and negligee ......Get your ass in the air and show that ass Ozella ordered....As I turned over and reared my ass in the. She didn’t miss a beat or a peek while she kept talking and turning pages for me to look and lean. We went on like this for a half hour or so before she said she needed to go fix dinner for her husband. I thanked her for coming over and told her I realy enjoyed our visit and that she was welcome to come by anytime she felt like it. To my surprise she told me there were a few other books I might like to see and she would come by with one of them at a time to show me and patted me on the back and.

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