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There he was mid 40’ies, a little overweight, no tats or piercings, just a normal looking guy you’d walk past in the street without thinking twice...about. We met at a pub local to his place had a couple of beers whilst having a polite chat about each other’s day. This discretely however moved to what we’d be doing later on and after four beers each both of our bladder’s had started to tell us to head to the bathroom we left and headed back to his place. On the walk there he (I never actually. She took my hand and pulled it towards her and she placed it on her hip, we began kissing each other and removing our clothes. Her body looked amazing as she stood up to pull off her jeans, revealing black bra and thong. Sunita moved up onto me and sat on my face. As she leaned over and took my young dick in her mouth, her love lips engulfed my face. I breathed in and as she slurped on my cock I took in her pussy’s fresh musk. Her plump ass on my face smelled like fresh fruit. I could smell the. ." she paused and then continued, "am I up to your standards?" Emma, you are absolutely the prettiest, most exciting girl I have ever seen. Your body is so damned hot!" You're the first boy that has ever seen me like that." I could see her staring at my tented shorts. "Did I make that happen?" Yes, you did. Instantly!"She walked over to me. "I have never seen a boy naked either."I took her hand and placed it on top of my shorts and together we pushed them to my knees.She took me in her hand.. He did not push but expected her ass to come to him. His cock buried tightly and she felt it twitch several times. Her father was turning red as he held his breath and groaned with pleasure. She knew she was getting medicine up her butt. She was going to be healthy and that was always a good thing.Brad held his daughter in place. His cock was softening in his daughter’s rectum. What was eight inches became seven, then six, then five and finally stopped at four inches. That is when he slowly.

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