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As he asked his many questions over a couple visits, Kathryn realized that she wouldn't ever feel comfortable no matter who he was with if Elliot was ...he one who was bringing the experience into their marriage. She didn't want to think about him having sex with another regardless of who it was.As she deeply thought about it, she felt that she couldn't face any of the various women if he had been sexually with them, even if she helped set them up. He was only supposed to want her.And if he did. I had more or less expected to beattacked ever since they first walked in, but things had been a lotcalmer recently and the thought had left my mind."Please let me wash your friend's sick away, the smell of it is makingme feel ill," My guess was correct, he didn't want me being sick myself,at least while he was being passionate.Once I'd done that I decided to take a chance. The way things weregoing they were certain to find out pretty soon that there was somethingextra in my panties."Sir," I. She said u were not studying and said I know what I was doing, asked whom I was imagining I said no u will get angry she said no I will not then I got some courage and told her that I was imaging her only and want to kiss her and I admire her a lot and liked her on saying this I moved close to her and was then standing next to her.To which she did not replied and kept silent but I was gaining confidence and I slipped a kiss on her lips and said mam I love you very much and I want to enjoy you. So the event was set and I was very excited. The next 2 days Alan and I had some really erotic sex as I was so turned on. The day of the party I took out my tiny black body fitting mini dress. That dress clung to my tiny frame tightly, showing all the curves. The dress was also short and barely covered my ass. If I bent I knew that dress showed my ass clearly. I did not wear a bra and wore a red thong that could be seen easily. I had my ‘fuck me’ heels on and Alan knew I was ready for some.

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