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The message was a simple "Hey..." My mind flashed back a few weeks earlier when I stupidly drove through a snow storm to see him while he was plowing..... I laid my heart on the line, only to find out he was leaving in less than a week. The conversation also had its upsides. Nick told me the feelings and emotions I felt weren't in my head, and I wasn't crazy... but that he felt the same way. He wanted to be with me, as much as I wanted to be with him. Just as luck would have it, the timing. K.a. Kalinga Chai (Tamil Boy) who would take her out to parties and bring her home way past midnight. Then the row between aunt and niece would begin. I could hear them even from the third floor.Mandy glided forward to me and stood there with one hip thrown forward. Her shorts were form fitting and outlined her mound clearly even to the parting. Physically there was nothing under-developed about her. Mentally? I would rather not say."Hi, Mandy. What's on your mind now?" I asked. I kissed her on the forehead, then her eyes and said I wanted to kiss her lips too.She said ok but I said there’s cum on it.She lifted her hand to wipe it off but I said no use your tongue only. She said no and I pleaded my lips were very close to hers and she saw my eyes, understood it and in slow motion, used her tongue and licked it off her lips. I smiled, like I felt some contempt and kissed her on the lips. She responded well. I asked her is she was angry for that and she said no.I smiled,. It was nothing like I have seen before. The ladies in the crowd were so sexy and hot most of them were in saris that showed major of their navel, back and cleavage. I was on cloud nine. It was the best feeling ever. The bride was way too sexy I have never seen the bride this hot. She was wearing a sari which was 3 – 4 inches below her bellybutton, just above her pussy. She had a great shape. Her navel was clearly visible to the whole crowd. Her ass was soo huge perfect and curvy in that sari..

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